Inauguration Conference of the APSN Ningbo, China, 5 November 2008

Congratulatory Letters by Mr. Zhang Dejiang, then Prime Minister of China

Programme of Inauguration Conference

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of APSN Inauguration

Media Report on APSN Establishment

Press Conference

Media Report on the Establishment of the APSN

Express Conference

The 1st Meeting of the APSN Council Ningbo,China, 3-4 November, 2008

The APEC Port Service Network Council was held in Ningbo, China from 3 to 4 November 2008.Council Members from Australia; Canada; China; Hong Kong, China; Japan; the Republic of Korea; Peru; the Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; the United States of America and Vietnam attended the meeting. 

Mr. Jerry Rysanek (Canada) was elected unanimously as the President of APSN Council. SUB LT. Viroj Chongchansittho R. T. N. (Thailand) was elected unanimously as the Vice-President of the APSN Council. Mr.Zhang Xiaojie (China) was appointed by the Council as the Secretary-General of the APSN. 

The Rules of Procedure and strategic Direction and long-term Action Plan was adopted by the Council.  

The mission statement was agreed by the Council:  

“Networking for Stronger Port Industry and Better Community” 

-To promote the development of APEC port industry by fostering a more cohesive and cooperative partnership among APEC port and port-related industries; 

-To encourage capacity-building and information sharing; 

-To encourage enhanced safety, security, efficiency and environmental and social responsibility of ports; 

-To ensure the interests and views of APEC port industry are duly presented to the competent authorities of the member economies.

Documents & Exhibits in 2008
  • APSN Basic Docuemnt--Constitution and Rules and Procedures Cover

  • APSN Basic Docuemnt--Constitution and Rules and Procedures-- Contents

  • APSN Membership Certificate

  • APSN Secretariat Business Card in 2008

  • APSN Secretariat Business Card in Preparation period

  • APSN Envelop in Preparatory Period

  • Head Paper of APSN in Preparatory Period

  • The APSN Bag Made in 2008

The 20th Minitrial Meeting of APEC

We recognized the importance of improved mobility and economic prosperity through the development of safer, more secure and efficient transportation systems. We noted the work of the Transportation Working Group (TPTWG) and welcomed the inauguration of the APEC Port Services Network (APSN).

-------The 20th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting

Joint Statement

19-20 November in Lima, Peru