The APSN is founded in 2008, and as a unique international organization, the APSN is created by APEC to bring together ports and port-related industries with senior representatives in APEC member economies. The year of 2018 witnesses the 10th anniversary of the APSN, and in order to mark this milestone, the E-Museum was set up to record growth of the APSN.

The year of 2018 is an important milestone for APSN, for it provides the opportunity for us to look back at what we have achieved in the past decade – growing from a young organization into the premier platform for communication and collaboration of port and shipping industries in the Asia-Pacific region, which would not be possible with the invaluable support and contribution from all APSN Council Members, Advisory Board Members and Regular Members.

The E-Museum displayed the APSN from 4 parts, including Foreword, Burgeoning, Establishment and Development and APSN Family. The 'Foreword' explains the background and contents of the E-Museum as a start. 'Burgeoning' illustrates how APSN goes from a sentence in Declaration of 14th APEC Leadership to an actual organization. 'Establishment and Development' shows the historical memories of APSN from 2008 to 2018. 'APSN Family' introduces all the APSN Council Members, Advisory Board Members, Senior Consultants and the Secretariat, who used to make great contributions in the past 10 years.

It is a window for us to review the past and look forward the future and I am confident the APSN will embrace an even brighter future for the next decade. The APSN will adhere to the philosophy of cooperation, sharing, inclusiveness and sustainability and continue its endeavor as a key platform for dialogue and networking among port and port-related industries, so as to promote the connectivity of the APEC ports and the common prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. 

Li Qing

Secretary-General of APSN