2006 APEC Leadership Forum Hanoi, Viet Nam, 18-19 November, 2006

In order to facilitate cooperation and communication amongst port and related industries in the Asia-Pacific region, the initiative to establish the APEC Port Services Network proposed by Chinese President Hu Jintao at the 14th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in November 2006 was unanimously endorsed by all leaders at the meeting. 

“We also endorsed the APEC Port Service Network Initiative to facilitate cooperation and communication among ports and related sectors in APEC member economies.” 


               HA NOI DECLARATION 

               Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 18-19 November,  2006

APEC Transportation Ministerial Meetings Adelaide, Australia, 28 - 30 March 2007

The 5th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting reaffirmed the commitment for an early establishment of the APSN and instructed the APEC Transportation Working Group TPT-WG) to assist China in establishing the APSN in a timely manner.

"We recognize that Leaders endorsed the initiative to establish an APEC Port Service Network. This will stimulate trade and investment in the region by integrating various sectors in shipping business, facilitate convenient and secure freight transportation, enhance exchanges and cooperation among ports and related sectors and promote their development, improve efficiency and security of logistics systems. We request the Transportation Working Group (TPT-WG) to assist in establishing the APEC Port Service Network in a timely manner. "

                       ------------ Joint Ministerial Statement of 

                                       5th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting

                                       Adelaide, Australia, 28 - 30 March 2007 

Symposium on APEC Port Services Network Ningbo, China on 7-9 June, 2007

Symposium on APEC Port Services Network was held in Ningbo, China on 7-9 June, 2007. Participants from 17 economies participated the workshop including Australia; Canada; Chile; China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan, Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; PNG, the Philippines; Singapore, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, the United States and Viet Nam. The Symposium on APSN adopted an outcome report on the framework of the APSN, outlining the objectives, functions and principles of the APSN.

Group photo of the Workshop

Head table of the workshop

Mr. Alexander Sukhov

Mr. Zhang Xiaojie

Australian Delegation

Canadian Delegation

Chinese Delegation

Delegation of Hong Kong, China

Indonesian Delegation

Korean Delegation

Japanese Delegation

Malaysian Delegation

Mexican Delegation

Delegation of Papua New Guinea

The Philippines Delegation

Singapore Delegation

Delegation of Chinese Taipei

Thai Delegation

Delegation of the United States

Delegation of Veit Nam

2007 TPT-WG-29 in Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei, 9-13 July 2007

The proposal of the establishment of APEC Port Services Network proposed by Chinese delegation was officially approved by the APEC TPT-WG 30, which was held in Chinese Taipei on 9th-13thJuly, 2007. The meeting requested China to set up the preparatory office of APSN and get the preparation ready to establish the organization. 

Maritime Experts Group - establishment of the APEC Port Services Network in a timely manner and the implementation of marine casualty investigation systems in member economies in line with the work of the IMO. 

----------2007 TPT-WG-29 PLEN15, REPORT OF THE CHAIR 

            29th APEC Transportation Working Group Meeting 

            Chinese Taipei, 9-13 July 2007 

The Inauguration of APSN Office January 28, 2008

Mr John Doherty, Lead Shepherd of the APEC Transportation Working Group (TPT-WG) and Mr Huang Xianyao, Vice Minister of Communications of China unveiled the nameplate of APSN and formally opened the office for the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) in Beijing on January 28, 2008.

Courtesy Meeting

Group photo after the Courtesy Meeting

APSN delegation

Mr Huang Xianyao, Then Vice Minister of Ministry of Transportation, China

The APSN Constitution was unanimously adopted by the APEC TPT-WG 30 Manila, the Philippines, 14-18 April 2008

3.3 APEC Port Services Network 

The MEG continued to consider at this session the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) as proposed by China (project overseer) and Australia; Canada; Hong Kong, China (co-sponsors). It was noted that the APSN Office was officially opened onJanuary 28th, 2008in Beijing. On that occasion, several economies prepared a draft constitution to provide a framework of governance for the APSN operations. The draft constitution was presented by China at this meeting for consideration and, following a detailed review, the MEG finalized the draft constitution and recommends it to the plenary for approval. The constitution comes into force on the date of approval by the plenary. The APSN constitution is contained in document titled “Constitution of the APEC Port Services Network”. 

The MEG wishes to draw the attention of the plenary to the Annex of that document, which sets out the operational arrangements and procedures of the APSN, in particular the generous offer of the People’s Republic of China to provide the initial funding of the APSN Office for a period of two (2) years. 

Also, the MEG requests the plenary to strongly encourage each economy to nominate by July 1, 2008, a competent authority to serve as a member of the APSN Council. In that light, the MEG requests the plenary to invite member economies to consider such nominations as a matter of priority in the hope that the threshold required for the convening of the first Council meeting (two-thirds of APEC economies, i.e. 14 economies) can be reached at the earliest possible date. The MEG Chair will provide a status report on this matter at the opening plenary at TPT-WG 31. 

The MEG also noted envisaged work to be carried out during the interim period by the APSN office as contained in document TPT-WG MEG/01 in particular “the 2007 Report on the Asia-Pacific Port Development”, “the Establishment of the APEC port database” and “the Training program for capacity building”, and invited member economies to assist the APSN office in their work on these projects.


      --------30th APEC Transportation Working Group Meeting ,

                Manila, the Philippines, 14-18 April 2008