The 11th Meeting of the APSN Advisory Board
Held Virtually on August 16, 2022

Aug 16, 2022

The 11th Meeting of the APSN Advisory Board was held virtually on August 16, 2022. Advisory Board Members from China; Hong Kong, China; Malaysia; Singapore; Thailand; Malaysia and Viet Nam, Mr. Marc-Yves Bertin, President of APSN Council, Dr. Jia Dashan, Secretary-General of APSN, Mr. Fei Weijun, APSN Senior Consultant as well as the Secretariat attended the meeting. Mr. Bui Van Quy, Chair of the Advisory Board, chaired the meeting.


In his opening remarks, Mr. President Marc-Yves Bertin welcomed all Advisory Board Members to the 11th Meeting of the APSN Advisory Board. At the meeting, Ms. Ma Yanyan, Deputy Secretary-General, reported to the Advisory Board on the APSN work that has been done from January to mid-August. The Advisory Board thanked the Secretariat for its update report on the priority work that has been done and expressed its appreciation to the Secretariat for all the tangible progress that has been done in 2022. The Advisory Board discussed and proposed prioritized issues for the APSN Council to consider.


The Chair of the Advisory Board will provide the Council with a summary of its deliberations and recommendations for its consideration at the 14th Meeting of the APSN Council to be held on November 22, 2022. The Secretary-General thanked the Advisory Board for its work and contribution to the development of the APSN and expressed that the Secretariat will continue to work closely with Advisory Board members to address the common concerns and challenges faced by the industry.