APEC Port Development Report 2020 is released by APSN

Jul 19, 2021

APSN released APEC Port Development Report 2020. It reviewed global and Asia-Pacific development on economy and trade, ocean shipping industry and ports, and summarized major shipping and port events over the past year in four chapters. The report notes that the world economy in 2020 featured a synchronous recovery after a deep recession. The Asia-Pacific region experienced weakened economic performance, but its global influence continued to expand. Given the disruption to industrial chains and supply chains amid massive lock-down and quarantine restrictions, continuous stagnation of cargo trade demands, coupled with rising unilateralism and multiple outbreaks of geopolitical conflicts, resulted in the significantly impeded economic growth of the Asia-pacific region. According to the IMF data, in 2020, the economic aggregate of Asia-pacific economies was USD 52.5 trillion, down by 1.8% year-on year. In terms of global ocean shipping industry, seaborne container shipping volume, dry bulks shipping demands and oil demand plunged. In review of global and Asia-Pacific ocean shipping industry, variations of shipping costs, changes in shipping laws and regulations and development trends of international shipping organization were comprehensively analyzed. Concerning Asia-Pacific port development in 2020, several aspects were reviewed including comprehensive service time efficiency evaluation; port production; performance of port enterprises; multimodal transport development of ports; port infrastructure construction; smart, green, and safe port development; COVID-19 pandemic on ports and ports’ countermeasures; international port organization development. More details please download the report.