《2017 APEC Port Development Report》is published on line!

Published on Wednesday,25 July 2018

APEC Port Services Network (APSN) published 《2017 APEC Port Development Report》in both the Chinese version and English version in July, 2018. APSN annually compiled and published the report in English since 2010 and the Chinese version was provided since 2016. initpintu_副本.jpg

The global economy and trade experienced a recovery in 2017 and the economy of the main economies in Asia Pacific region growed strongly with imbalanced regional development. With the background of global economy recovery, the Report reviewed the development of global and Asia Pacific economy and trade and the development of shipping and port industry in 2017 and analyzed the downtrends of shipping costs, new changes in shipping laws and regulations and development trends of shipping industry. The report comprehensively summarized the information of rout density and major hub distribution and the development of port operation and business performance of ports, multimodal transportation, infrastructure construction and intelligent, green, and safe port construction in 2017. The development trends of international organization regarding port and shipping industry showed that to reinforce the infrastructure construction, to strengthen the sustainable development at ports and to focus on the port internet safe and security are the new developing trends of port industry development.The report also reviewed and commented on the top ten major events in port and shipping industry in Asia Pacific regions in 2017.

APSN members can visit APSN website www.apecpsn.org to down load the report of Chinese version and English version free of charge.